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Opportunity Gov is a new government opportunity program that is giving new educational opportunities for unemployed workers

The new programs and opportunities can help those going back to school where federal Pell Grants now can dispurse up to $5, 350 per academic year.

Job information to help assist with Opportunity Gov student financial assistance programs, department of labor tools, job ret-training and assistance in helping one find jobs.

  Applying for financial aid and finding education and training are not difficult.  
  Let us help you find the job and the resources needed today when trying to locate government financial aid and job assistance using the new website opportunity gov.

Start Here With These Assistance Programs

Student Financial Assistance Programs

Find Free College Money

College Savings & Planning



Job Assistance Programs

Job Openings, Leads, and Contacts at $75K to 500K+  

E-Mail Your Resume To Top Employers And Recuiters

Be Seen By 1.5 Million Employers & Recruiters Instantly 



Work At Home Programs

Work-At-Home Careers


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